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Ure-Seal Gloss

Ure-Seal Gloss

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Ure-Seal HO is a two-part, environmentally-friendly, water-reducible crystal clear urethane. It is a high-performance clear coating that can be used inside or out to protect and enhance properly prepared concrete and concrete hardscapes surfaces for years of service. Ure-Seal HO cleans up with sodium bicarbonate and water.

Ure-Seal HO has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and is available in a Gloss, Mid-Gloss, and Natural finishes. Keep in mind that when applied to pavers, the Gloss blend will appear semi-gloss and Mid-Gloss will appear as a satin finish. 

Ure-Seal HO will not yellow and will form a very hard protective coating for high-traffic areas, countertops, restaurants, decorative concrete, concrete hardscapes, and brick pavers. Ure-Seal HO can also be used over epoxy flooring and garage floors where high-durability and superior chemical resistance is required.

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